Who we are

We (Pastor Brian and Iris) have been together since 2009, we have three children; Sophia, Adrianna, and Silas, and two dogs; Jack and Ziggy. We have been in ministry for over thirteen years serving in everything from women, children's, and youth ministry to worship and teaching. In 2019 God ignited a fire in our hearts about planting a church and, with help from our sending church, family and friends, what started as a dream about moving into a new home has know grown to become Ecclesia. God has given us a passion for reaching our community and helping people find and embrace the unique  call God has for their lives. In fact, that is why we're called Ecclesia, it means a gathering of those called or those called out. That's what we want to be, a gathering of God's people answering the call to love one another all around the Tri-City area.